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27 September 2010

27 is a great number!


Greetings My Journalism readers,

Again, here I am blogging instead of doing assignment. I was trying to do economics assignment but yeah. =/ Oh daim! what happen to me? Become very lazy! Uni's life is tougher now... >.<"""

Hmmm... Okie! Lets talk about today! Woot! Something BIG happened and these butterfly feeling so oh la la~~~ ^^

Arrived at UBD, felt so nervous as I'll finally going to meet her! Extremely nervous! So yeah, talk about it later... I came late for business lecture for a happy reason! AHHA! insane! Happy Happy Happy reason! But then, in the middle of my happiness, Dr Saad organised a surprise test! O.O""" I was "angau" and could not focus on the test. So i'm not really doing good on the test. Worse, I forgot to write my name on the test paper when I submitted it! AHHA!!! Extremely "angau"!

Worser! I went home at 12pm+ as I thought there will be no GBS lecture but it was the opposite! I misread the announcement in the facebook group so yeah. Really frustrating as I missed a lecture! >.<""" It's like I missed lots of big news regarding GBS. Nevermind, I am still happy! HEEE... ^^

27 is great number! why? because it's my number! and today is 27th! lots of bad thing happened but I am still Happy! it is due to one reason!

The reason is because I GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN, LOVE!

I can't describe more, I AM HAPPY! Thanks yang... ^^ Here is your reward, haunting picture! HEEE...

That's all!

K! Chowsz!!!

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