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20 May 2012

Say Thank You (Appreciation) in different languages


Greeting My Journalism readers,

I would like to sincerely thanks all the readers, visitors and viewers. I found out that this blog is going global!

people of the United States and the United Kingdom
orang2 Brunei, Malaysia dan Indonesia
Pakistani and Indian

That's all!

K! Chowsz! 

18 January 2011



Greeting My Journalism readers,

yeap. it's been awhile. i've got no time in my hand to update the blog.

First of all, Happy belated New Year! Better late than never. HEEE! My resolution is to be a better person this year! As simple as that!

A photo shows everything,
A story tells everything,
What if a person show a facial expression?
What if a person tell a story?
Do you buy it?
Could you able to examine the truth or lie?
Do you dare to ask?

A question I could not answer myself. Well, just a quick share of emotions. Some words for the new year. xD

That's all for now. Will try to update it regularly.

K! Chowsz!!!

09 November 2010

On Request: Relentless Entertainment & Blood Donation.


Greetings My Journalism readers,

Its been awhile. Thanks for being such a loyal visitor. You are appreciated very much!

Quick update about what's going on for the past few days.

Its been a stressful weeks for me and perhaps to all the FBEPS-ians due to abundant of tasks being assigned to us. >.<""" Well yeah, we are GENNEXT, moving towards success! There were time I suffered extreme headache and Panadol has been my new bestfriend. x'D

This week is the last week for lecture and tutorial class! Then, revision week and then exam ahead! *stress mode* Last Monday, I learned new thing, LIFE IS A TEST. Though its not new to me but when Dr Saad talked about it, it made me realised that we will not always/never in COMFORT ZONE. One thing is to be patient. He, the Almighty hears us, He'll help us.

Talking about help, a friend of mine, Arina, she requested me to advertise/promote two things here in this blog. Hopefully, this will reach to you guys. Amin. Please, spread the words. Your contribution is highly appreciated. First thing, Brunei Relentless Entertainment.

"Oficially established in November2008.

Based in Brunei Darussalam and soon the UK.

Relentless Entertainment is an entertainment and events management company specializing in providing entertainment from bands and dance numbers to singers and actors and events planning/ management."

Websites: FACEBOOK & BLOG. (click on the links to view)


Next, Arina's friend need blood donors. Blood type needed is B+ and O. His name is Asrol Hj Nayan from Ripas. Your donation could help save a life. May Allah bless you. If you don't have this blood type, you can help him by promoting this to everyone by spreading the word. Any inquiries, contact Arina's FACEBOOK.


Lastly, can anyone help me?! My phone, N900 suffered from "freezing" problem! This time it becomes worser. From my research, the only solution is to "reflash" my phone. However, I have difficulties on the "reflash" thing. Your help could be a great hand to me.

Not forget to mention! Wish a VERY GOOD LUCK to UBD-ians and all those who are going to face the exams sooner! Hope we all can pass and excel with flying colors! Amin. Also, GOOD LUCK to my sweetie love for her test tomorrow. I know you can do it. Amin. ^^

That's all!

K! Chowsz!!!

18 October 2010

Monday is my life.


Greetings My Journalism readers,

Yeap! I am back! It's been awhile this blog is not updated. Been very busy with university life. Tasks are piling up yet it never get less. Super Normal Nice! Be strong and focus, I know I can handle the pressure and excel in study! Here I am blogging despite of lots of task to be done. It is quite ironic that I can blog about things so much but when it comes to report, the paper is almost clean. So yeah, I got lots of thing to update. However, most of the things/events I have forgotten. I'll just leave it there, what happens there stays there.

I would say I'm in love with Monday! Most people would definitely find Monday is boring as it is a new day to start a new week. Monday means you are back working and studying. As for myself, something awaits my Monday. It's Dr Saad Lecture! Most important, Monday is the day I meet her and the day she accepted me. <3

Let start with Dr Saad Moments! Yeap, Dr Saad Moments! It sounds cool. lolXXX! Today, he taught us about quality control and motivation.

Quality control
it aims for consumer satisfaction. Today, Dr Saad talked about Brunei market in agriculture I guess. He mentioned about BMC, the meat supplier. Then, he raised about the meat quality. He stated that Brunei should have their own farm instead of importing meats from Australia. However, I disagreed as there is not enough land in Brunei yet I did not raise my hand and debated with him as I know he will surely win! >.<""" In my opinion, to satisfy customer we need to think rationally even though Brunei does not have farm here for meats and it does not create employment but we need to think of other things that Government has planned such as Vision 2035(???), forest reservation(eco tourism, Heart of Borneo) and etc. On the other hand, I am quite agree with him saying that "Make your hand dirty in order to gain success". In my mind, when your hands are dirty, it means that you have experienced things by yourself thus obtained knowledge and skills rather than using concepts and theory, then ask other people to do the tasks. Not good! He did mentioned about Japan as the country has the highest quality product with advanced technology. He told us(with the help Diane) that Japan rejected 70% of its imported products and it ended up being sent off to other Asian countries. Hence, everything in Brunei is RUBBISH as what he pointed out!!! >.<""" "I don't have credit card but I have tissue!" - Dr Saad.

Whilst Motivation aims for job satisfaction. Skills are needed nowadays. Back to the farm thing. First, we need skilled employee so as to plan thing carefully not only to build farm just to create employment. From my point of view, the Government needs to train its employee so that it leads to innovative idea thus better performance in economic growth. That's why I disagreed that farm is an essential to be built. But why? Employment? *sigh* HANDS MUST BE DIRTY! I don't think we need that farm! So, "What we need Diane???" AHHA!!! =/ As for myself, to be successful, we need to upgrade the human capital in terms of skills and knowledge. "The more you read, the more you know" - Dr. Saad.

Then, Miss Susie would say "Don't study hard, study smart!" Really? I love study last minute! ^^

Enough with nerdy stuffs! Lets get into "Jiwang" mood. xD

Monday! The day she accepted me! The day we meet! <3 <3 <3

I don't want to talk more about her. Let it be just between me and her though many people are requesting me to update about her. I guess this is enough: I'm happier with her. xD I LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT! *jiwang sudah tuh* xP

The day she accepted me outside UBD library! I captured the sweetest girl around the universe! ^^

I guess that's enough to show how Monday become part of my life.

Thanks for visiting. Come again! ^^

That's all!

K! Chowsz!!!

27 September 2010

27 is a great number!


Greetings My Journalism readers,

Again, here I am blogging instead of doing assignment. I was trying to do economics assignment but yeah. =/ Oh daim! what happen to me? Become very lazy! Uni's life is tougher now... >.<"""

Hmmm... Okie! Lets talk about today! Woot! Something BIG happened and these butterfly feeling so oh la la~~~ ^^

Arrived at UBD, felt so nervous as I'll finally going to meet her! Extremely nervous! So yeah, talk about it later... I came late for business lecture for a happy reason! AHHA! insane! Happy Happy Happy reason! But then, in the middle of my happiness, Dr Saad organised a surprise test! O.O""" I was "angau" and could not focus on the test. So i'm not really doing good on the test. Worse, I forgot to write my name on the test paper when I submitted it! AHHA!!! Extremely "angau"!

Worser! I went home at 12pm+ as I thought there will be no GBS lecture but it was the opposite! I misread the announcement in the facebook group so yeah. Really frustrating as I missed a lecture! >.<""" It's like I missed lots of big news regarding GBS. Nevermind, I am still happy! HEEE... ^^

27 is great number! why? because it's my number! and today is 27th! lots of bad thing happened but I am still Happy! it is due to one reason!

The reason is because I GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN, LOVE!

I can't describe more, I AM HAPPY! Thanks yang... ^^ Here is your reward, haunting picture! HEEE...

That's all!

K! Chowsz!!!