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09 November 2010

On Request: Relentless Entertainment & Blood Donation.


Greetings My Journalism readers,

Its been awhile. Thanks for being such a loyal visitor. You are appreciated very much!

Quick update about what's going on for the past few days.

Its been a stressful weeks for me and perhaps to all the FBEPS-ians due to abundant of tasks being assigned to us. >.<""" Well yeah, we are GENNEXT, moving towards success! There were time I suffered extreme headache and Panadol has been my new bestfriend. x'D

This week is the last week for lecture and tutorial class! Then, revision week and then exam ahead! *stress mode* Last Monday, I learned new thing, LIFE IS A TEST. Though its not new to me but when Dr Saad talked about it, it made me realised that we will not always/never in COMFORT ZONE. One thing is to be patient. He, the Almighty hears us, He'll help us.

Talking about help, a friend of mine, Arina, she requested me to advertise/promote two things here in this blog. Hopefully, this will reach to you guys. Amin. Please, spread the words. Your contribution is highly appreciated. First thing, Brunei Relentless Entertainment.

"Oficially established in November2008.

Based in Brunei Darussalam and soon the UK.

Relentless Entertainment is an entertainment and events management company specializing in providing entertainment from bands and dance numbers to singers and actors and events planning/ management."

Websites: FACEBOOK & BLOG. (click on the links to view)


Next, Arina's friend need blood donors. Blood type needed is B+ and O. His name is Asrol Hj Nayan from Ripas. Your donation could help save a life. May Allah bless you. If you don't have this blood type, you can help him by promoting this to everyone by spreading the word. Any inquiries, contact Arina's FACEBOOK.


Lastly, can anyone help me?! My phone, N900 suffered from "freezing" problem! This time it becomes worser. From my research, the only solution is to "reflash" my phone. However, I have difficulties on the "reflash" thing. Your help could be a great hand to me.

Not forget to mention! Wish a VERY GOOD LUCK to UBD-ians and all those who are going to face the exams sooner! Hope we all can pass and excel with flying colors! Amin. Also, GOOD LUCK to my sweetie love for her test tomorrow. I know you can do it. Amin. ^^

That's all!

K! Chowsz!!!

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